The Great Western Park archaeological investigations for Taylor Wimpey have been underway since 2001.

Since then the overall 184 hectare area has been subject to a series of preliminary evaluation techniques required by the County Archaeologist and managed by RPS to establish the main areas of archaeological potential. These techniques have included field-walking (the collection of finds from the surface of ploughed fields) geophysical survey (non-intrusive survey plotting buried archaeological features) and sample trenching (a grid of machine opened trenches dug down about 500mm into the ground to expose buried features so they can be dated by sample excavation).

The main finds range in date from Mesolithic hunter-gatherers and the earliest farmers of the Neolithic (New Stone Age) through to the post-medieval period. The sites include evidence for continuous occupation through the Iron Age to the late Roman period. The following chronology provides the framework for the periods discussed.

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