GWP is well located in terms of local healthcare facilities, such as doctors surgeries and hospitals, as well as several pharmacies, dental practices, and care homes.

Relevant locations

McCarthy and Stone Assisted Living Apartments

McCarthy and Stone will be constructing an Extra Care facility for elderly people over 70 who are looking for homes that offer assisted living. These 60 apartments, which are currently under construction, are located in the District Neighbourhood, adjacent to the retail units and the Aureus School.

For more information on the development please visit and Stone

GWP Extra Care Facility

There is another large Extra Care facility planned for the District Neighbourhood at GWP. This development will take place just south of the Boundary Park housing parcel and will help form the character of the District Centre Square. Oxfordshire County Council are responsible for the design and build of this Extra Care facility.

There is limited information available on this facility at this early stage in its development. Updates will follow accordingly. 

Didcot Health Centre

Woodlands Medical Centre

The Oak Tree Health Centre

Didcot Community Hospital

The John Radcliffe Hospital - Oxford

Didcot Dental Clinic

Lloyds Pharmacy