Barwood prepare planning application

  • Published on 16th September 2016
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As some of you may already be aware, Barwood Homes are in the process of preparing an outline planning application for land adjacent to the A4130, that borders the northern boundary of Great Western Park. This is the land to the east of the roundabout as you enter GWP, that is currently used for agricultural purposes. Please see the picture below that details the location of the proposed development in relation to the surrounding area.

Whilst the majority of the land in question borders a large section of GWP,  it is not owned by Taylor Wimpey or any of the other GWP consortium developers. The proposals are therefore completely independent of GWP and its consortium, and is not an extension of Great Western Park. Please note that the GWP consortium has had no involvement or participation in the development of these proposals, and therefore any questions you may have should be directed towards Barwood Homes. 

Barwood have launched a website that presents the opportunity to review the site proposals and voice opinions at this early stage in the potential development. The plans will also become available to the public via the SODC/VOWH planning websites, in due course. As part of the councils process, local residents will have the opportunity to raise any concerns/objections during the consultation period.

For more information on the proposals, please visit

Barwood location