Temporary Diversion for Thames Travel 97/98/98a/99 Service

  • Published on 14th January 2019
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With Great Western Park growing, the bus service that serves local residents has been extended to allow improved access to its services.

A new Thames Travel 97 service has been introduced, along with extended services on the 98/98a and 99 services in the southern part of Great Western Park. This will help to cover the southern area of the development and provide off-peak bus services to Didcot town centre, Parkway station and Milton Park Business Park.

Bus stops are in place along Diamond Drive. In order to achieve this extended route at this time, the bus will temporarily use Clover Fields and Reed Street as a loop to turn around and exit back onto Didcot Road. We envisage being able to open the permanent route out onto Park Road during 2019, pending the relevant approvals. From Diamond Drive there are three departures per hour at off-peak times (0947 - 1616), Monday to Friday; a time when the least vehicles will be parked along the temporary route.

The road is designed at a width that is acceptable for buses to traverse as it was always envisaged that the Aureus Primary School would need this looped access for buses. Residents should always park in such a way that does not impede emergency service access anyway and this would allow sufficient room for the bus to manoeuvre.    

Please see below the new timetables or visit Thames Travel website: www.thames-travel.co.uk/tt97

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